About Us

At Drunk Dog Cafe, our goal is to breathe new life into the comfort food scene in downtown LA. There aren’t many places to get a hot dog around here, and we want to offer people a place to get a bite to eat that’s a little out of the ordinary. With beer-soaked, all-beef dogs and a whole lot of toppings you won’t find anywhere else, we’re not

just serving hot dogs, we’re reinventing them. The food isn’t the only delightful thing here, either -- we have fast and friendly service and a patio to relax on while you munch out. At the end of the day, we’re excited about serving up some inventive snacks, and we hope you’ll visit us to get in on the fun, too.

Our web presence will showcase our unique menu with eye-catching photos of our hot dogs and atmosphere. Being a new restaurant, we want to attract people by showing them what we have to offer using a voice that’s friendly, laid-back, and welcoming.